Association of Portuguese Concession Companies
of Toll Motorways or Bridges

Message from
the President

Foto do Presidente da APCAP
António Nunes de Sousa
APCAP President

Due to the participation of 24 Concessionaires and sub-concessionaires of the Continent, Madeira and the Azores, representing a total of 3600 km, about a quarter of the national road network, APCAP is a fundamental partner of Portuguese mobility nowadays.

Beyond the common interests of the 24 associated with national, community or international institutions, this Association is, and intends to continue to be, an intervening partner in road management, recognized by the Public Authorities itself in consultation and hearing on the most diverse matters. This is a recognition that we are pleased to register and which brings us an increased responsibility.

This responsibility is reinforced by the fact that our network of motorways is a world reference, a result of more than 15 billion euros invested in the last 15 years, which makes us the third largest European association in this sector in terms of extension. The model of public-private partnerships adopted in Portugal in this area has undoubtedly allowed us to maintain high standards of operation and maintenance, providing an excellent quality of service to our clients.

For this to continue to be a reality, our association should continue to promote continuous improvement and updating by researching and developing such diverse topics with interoperability of toll systems, the environment and sustainability, and, as well, cooperative intelligent transport systems.

In line with this focus and this work, we will be open to the new themes of mobility that will undoubtedly influence the infrastructure, such as electric mobility or autonomous driving.

Above all, we believe that our mission is to provide a network of motorways, bridges and roads that serve the needs of Portugal's mobility with quality.

António Nunes de Sousa