Driving Advices

For most drivers, driving is something natural. Whether in short or longer distances, an unforeseen event may arise at any time. Simple behaviors and procedures, that any driver can adopt, guarantee not only his safety but also the safety of others.

Reducing Risk Breakdowns

In Portugal, we have a saying: ‘Mais vale prevenir do que remediar’ (prevention is better than cure). Preventive maintenance is simple to do and may avoid major malfunctions. Know what you can do in different situations.
Reducing Risk Breakdowns

Check daily

During the trip, check regularly

Check weekly

Periodically (at least once a year)

Drive Safely

Drive Safely

Be responsible and don’t put yourself or others in danger. Adopt cautious and defensive driving to safely reach your destination.

In case of Accident or Breakdown

Know what to do in case of accident or malfunction. Follow our recommendations to avoid more serious situations.
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