Autoestradas do Douro Litoral, S.A.

Operated for a period of 27 years, the Douro Litoral Highways invested approximately 1 billion euros in the development of its infrastructure. Located in the northern region of Portugal, in the districts of Porto and Aveiro, they have had a significant impact on the economic development of the region, despite their broader area of influence, benefiting from their network connections to other highways.


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Object of the Concession

The scope of the Concession includes the design, planning, construction, increasing the number of lanes, financing, maintenance, and operation, with toll collection from users, of the following highway sections, which opened to traffic in 2011.
  • A32/IC2 – São João da Madeira (ER327) / Carvalhos (IP1) (32,6 km)
  • A41/IC24 ‐ Picoto (IC2) / Nó da Ermida (IC25) (32,8 km)
  • A43/IC29 ‐ Gondomar / Aguiar de Sousa (IC24) (7,9 km)
The scope of the Douro Litoral Concession also includes, for the purposes of operation and maintenance, without toll collection from users, the section A41/IC24 - Espinho (IC1) / Picoto (IC2) (5.7 km), built by the Portuguese State and integrated into the concession from its inception.

The A41 highway is part of the Porto Regional Outer Circular (CREP), while the A32 and A43 function as radial highways, providing high-capacity connections between the Metropolitan Area of Porto and the surrounding territories, including the A41.