Concessionária de Autoestradas, S.A.

On December 30, 2000, the Concession Contract was signed between Norscut and the Portuguese State for the design, construction, financing and operation of the future A24, better known as SCUT Interior Norte. With a duration of 30 years, for an initial investment of 726 million Euros financed by own funds and a banking syndicate of 25 banks, this concession works under a virtual toll system.


Rua Filipe Folque, nº 10J, 1º Dto. 
1050-113 Lisboa


+351 210 329 850


+351 210 329 860



Object of the Concession

Planning, construction, financing, maintenance and operation, of the following links:
  • IP 3 Nó do IP 5-Castro Daire Sul, 19,4 km
  • IP 3 Castro Daire Norte – Reconcos, 8,4 km
  • IP 3 Régua-Vila Real, 21,7 km
  • IP 3 Vila Real-Vila Pouca de Aguiar, 22,1 km
  • IP 3 Vila Pouca de Aguiar-Chaves (fronteira), 46,6 km
Maintenance and operation, of the following links:
  • IP 3 Castro Daire Sul-Castro Daire Norte, 14,3 km
  • IP 3 Reconcos-Régua, 24,0 km
Mapa Norscut